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GumDiscounter.com offers a handy re-order facility to quickly reorder one of your previously nominated orders without the hassle.

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Who are we ? What do we do ? How do we work ? What makes us Tick ?

GumDiscounter.com is a New Zealand based NRT ( Nicotine Replacement Therapy) supply specialist.  This is our new site - our old site looked like this.....

Garry is a New Zealand registered pharmacist, and we are a family run company. We operate from one of our community pharmacies in Kaiapoi, New Zealand , just on the outskirts of Christchurch where we experienced ( and survived !) a very unusual recent major earthquake sequence in 2011(see here), and felt but were not directly affected by the 2017 Kaikoura shake ( see here ).

We believe in " paying it forward" and feed some of our profits back into the local community and deserving international community development facilitators. We're big fans of micro-enterprise ( Tear Fund, World Vision ) and slightly larger developing world operations ( FreeSet Jute Bags )

We're big enough and professional enough to offer excellent pricing and customer service, but not so large that there's layer upon layer of management expense. We're big enough to leverage our buying power to pass that on to you,  but not so large that we don't care.

We have been active in e-commerce since 2000, and have assisted many thousand sof people become or remain smoke free. We are experienced and trustworthy.

Yes, we ship all our orders from New Zealand but find that shipping, especially to the US, is incredibly blemish-free and surprisingly prompt. Our order delivery success rate is so high that we guarantee parcels to the US WILL reach their destination.

On site pricing includes Free Shipping to the US and to some other countries as well.

Our site charges your card in USD  ( we say " our site " rather than " we charge " because we use an automated card processing service - a highly secure long established highly reputable card processor. This also allows us to offer easy re-ordering via " re-billing " - your card details, if you choose, are securely stored on our providers servers and can be triggered only by yourself on re-order.  ( as an aside, we've been doing this long enough to remember the days when , once an order arrived, we retrieved the client's card details, phoned the bank for authorisation, wrote a form and deposited it with the bank to process a client's order. I think it would only have been slower if we used carrier pigeon !   But we grew so rapidly that an automated and secure system was needed. And today's re-billing is an extension of that - automated, secure and not subject to our view or intervention.  )

Our Trading Trust structure was deliberately chosen to aloow us to exercise social responsibility via  tax effective gifting of some proceeds; some of our current beneficiaries are:

This was what our old site looked like.............

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